Era Wodnika

Kryminał Dramat USA 2015

Era Wodnika

Kryminał Dramat USA 2015

  • 6,8 /10

Kryminał Dramat USA 2015

2 sezony, 26 odcinków

Serial opowiada o losach doświadczonego detektywa z Los Angeles, który wraz z młodszym partnerem rozpracowuje pod przykrywką drobnego rzezimieszka i początkującego przywódcę sekty, niejakiego Charlesa Mansona.

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  • #based on a true story

  • #missing person

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  • #cult

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Season 1 (28 maja 2015)

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 1
1. Everybody's Been Burned

LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak and undercover officer Brian Shafe begin the search for a missing teenage girl, Emma Karn, who has fallen under the spell of infamous cult leader Charles Manson.

28 maja 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 2
2. The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Hodiak and Shafe investigate a complicated murder case amidst rising racial tensions. Meanwhile, Manson forces Emma's father, Ken Karn, to introduce him to an executive in the music business.

28 maja 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 3
3. Never Say Never to Always

A drug dealer is murdered, and the prime suspect is Shafe's snitch. Meanwhile, Shafe and rookie Charmain Tully go undercover into the Manson family in a mission that comes with serious consequences.

4 czerwca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 4
4. Home Is Where You're Happy

Hodiak investigates Art Gladner's murder through his late wife Lucille, who runs a burlesque club. Manson hides Emma but Hodiak, under pressure from Grace, ultimately finds her and brings her home.

11 czerwca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 5
5. A Change Is Gonna Come

A South Central murder investigation ratchets up tension with the Black Panthers. Emma runs away from home in the midst of the chaos and Hodiak pays Manson a visit and gives him a near-fatal beating.

18 czerwca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 6
6. A Whiter Shade of Pale

Charlie recovers. Charmain finds a case. Hodiak seeks the man who's been harassing Shafe's family. Shafe helps Hodiak get a message to his son.

25 czerwca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 7
7. Cease to Resist

Cutler gets a surprise visitor. Hodiak and Shafe work the murder of a Hollywood star. Charlie goes gun shopping.

2 lipca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 8
8. Sick City

Karn buries secrets. Failing to impress a record producer, Manson takes his disappointment out on his family. Shafe catches a tough break. Hodiak loses an old friend.

9 lipca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 9
9. Why?

Charmain's first ride-along ends when her fellow officers are gunned down, the first in a series of cop killings.

16 lipca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 10
10. Back in the U.S.A.

Charlie tests Emma's loyalty. Shafe passes Guapo's test. After his first acid trip, courtesy of Manson, Hodiak helps a fellow detective with a secret.

23 lipca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 11
11. Your Mother Should Know

Trust is an issue when Bunchy asks Hodiak to find his brother's killer; the Hodiak family comes together to help Walt; Charlie's mom visits.

30 lipca 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 12
12. (Please Let Me Love You And) It Won't Be Wrong

Emma's absence is felt when the Manson family makes a documentary; Hodiak makes a deal with Ken Karn to save his son.

6 sierpnia 2015

Era Wodnika - sezon 1, odcinek 13
13. Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing

Season 1 finale! Emma returns just as Mary goes into labor; Hodiak's deal for Walt goes south; a murder investigation has unforeseen consequences.

13 sierpnia 2015

Season 2 (16 czerwca 2016)

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 1
1. Helter Skelter

Hodiak receives some disturbing fan mail as Charmain takes a dangerous plunge undercover and Brian discovers Roy's true intentions. Ken takes aim at Hal as Charlie fears an old prison mate is back to collect a debt.

16 czerwca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 2
2. Happiness Is a Warm Gun

Charlie cooks up a plan for Ralph and his crew; Hal wakes to a nightmare; and Hodiak gets leverage for his son.

16 czerwca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 3
3. Why Don't We Do It in the Road

Charlie bonds with a Beach Boy, while "Tex" joins the Manson Family. Hodiak and Grace tread familiar territory as Brian takes a stab at a killer and gets rewarded for his sharp work.

16 czerwca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 4
4. Revolution 1

On the day of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, Hodiak must investigate a murder in a black neighborhood while trying to prevent an imminent riot. In the midst of the crisis in the black community, Kristin's involvement with the Black Panthers drives a wedge between her and Shafe's marriage. Meanwhile, Charmain brings the drug case to a close and discovers the full cost of undercover work.

23 czerwca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 5
5. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Internal affairs turns up the heat on Hodiak, but a tragedy interrupts the investigation. Meanwhile, Dennis Wilson's courtship with Emma ignites jealousy in Manson. Dennis takes Emma and Manson to meet a record producer who lives at 10050 Cielo Drive- the future home of the Tate family.

30 czerwca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 6
6. Revolution 9

While Shafe's addiction problems mount, Hodiak helps an old war buddy find his blackmailer. Meanwhile, Karn gathers information to use against Bobby Kennedy and Grace finds a new love for politics.

7 lipca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 7
7. Piggies

Manson and the Family receive two surprises: one a blessing, one a threat. As Hodiak tries to investigate a new clue in the case of the photographer killer, a series of roadblocks forces him to take a proactive measure. Meanwhile, Grace makes plans for Emma. A shootout between the Black Panthers and LAPD reverberate in Shafe and Kristin's marriage.

14 lipca 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 8
8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Shafe, alone at the bloody Tate crime scene, is confronted by his own demons. As Manson searches for a missing Emma, he ends up on Hodiak's doorstep. Meanwhile, Ken Karn goes to new levels for international diplomacy.

27 sierpnia 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 9
9. Sexy Sadie

Sharon Tate begs for her life but Sadie has no mercy. Manson tries to track down Dennis Wilson. Meanwhile Hodiak finds Emma in a sanatorium, but will need help to get her out. While, an unemployed Ken Karn reunites with an old friend.

27 sierpnia 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 10
10. Blackbird

Ken and Emma reconcile but Emma wants to find Charlie. At the expense of Charmain's career, Hodiak is determined to find the truth behind Bunchy's murder. Meanwhile, Shafe sees an old friend at rehab.

3 września 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 11
11. Can You Take Me Back?

Changes within the police department land Hodiak back in hot water with Internal Affairs, which forces him to adjust to a neutered role in the precinct. Meanwhile, the Manson family's misfortune seems to take a turn for the better when Terry Melcher arrives and wants to record Charlie's music.

3 września 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 12
12. Mother Nature's Son

Hodiak decides to take matters into his own hands and shows up on the doorstep of the mysterious serial killer who has been sending him obscene pictures. Meanwhile, Manson sends Bobby, Mary and Sadie to go to extreme measures to get money from Gary Hinman.

10 września 2016

Era Wodnika - sezon 2, odcinek 13
13. I Will

A newly "retired" Hodiak tracks down the serial killer who has been tormenting him for months, without the protection and authority of his police position. Manson sends Tex, Sadie, Emma and Patty to 10050 Cielo Drive, where they are swept up in one of the most infamous crimes in the country's history. (Season Finale)

10 września 2016


Obsada: Era Wodnika

  • David Duchovny Detective Sam Hodiak
  • Grey Damon Brian Shafe
  • Gethin Anthony Charles Manson
  • Emma Dumont Emma Karn
  • Claire Holt Charmain Tully
  • Michaela McManus Grace Karn
  • Brían F. O'Byrne Ken Karn
  • Milauna Jackson Kristin Shafe
  • Ambyr Childers Sadie
  • Chance Kelly Detective Ed Cutler
  • Madisen Beaty Patricia Krenwinkel
  • Cameron Deane Stewart Tex Watson
  • Whitney Rose Pynn Minnie
  • Monique Barajas Femme de ménage

Twórcy: Era Wodnika

  • Sera Gamble Executive Producer

Szczegóły serialu

  • Tytuł oryginalny: Aquarius
  • Tytuł angielski: Aquarius
  • Data pierwszej emisji: 2015-05-28
  • Produkcja: USA
  • Języki: English
  • Gdzie obejrzeć Era Wodnika: NBC
  • Studio: ITV Studios America
  • Słowa kluczowe: 1960s, based on a true story, missing person, cop, cult
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